Hello World!

Hello! I’m Chaotic Fawn and I’m a new blogger.  I actually made this blog about a year ago and forgot about it. Which actually makes me feel a little bit guilty, and only slightly embarrassed, though nobody actually read any of my stuff in the first place. So! I’m starting anew! 

First and foremost, I’m starting college in about a week. I moved into my dorm yesterday, and finally met my roommate, who I’m going to call Rio. Rio is pretty nice, but very awkward and anti-social, which I have experience in as my own best friend is anti-social.  It’s been very quiet in here compared to the other rooms but I don’t particularly mind that.

Secondly, I’m scared crapless of college. I’m scared of failing, of not making friends, and of not making myself proud. I have a feeling that I’m probably just going to be a hermit my first semester to figure out how I should study and pass my classes with an A, because I heard that your 1st freshman semester is going to define how your GPA will look when you graduate.

Thirdly, this blog will probably be a diary of some sort. Something to just help me put down my thoughts. I don’t really want to hand write in a diary since I’m scared somebody will find it, but here I can just remain Anonymous.  

And lastly, let’s begin this adventure of life.

Emmii Pebbles


Edited: March 24th, 2016


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