I can explain, maybe.

Hello my dear followers!  I apologize profusely for not posting anything for a while. I wish I could say that I’ve been immensely busy but…. I can’t.

I’ve mostly just been hanging out with my friends almost everyday since June. And, holy crap, they are a handful. Haha.

Having these three friends have really helped me this past summer healing from things and I feel so blessed to have them part of my life now. They have filled my summer with laughter, joy, fun, companionship, and most of all support. There is nothing more I could ask for, well…maybe a few million dollars but thats not happening anytime soon!

So, I got a dog and a cat. My dogs name is Missy, we got her from the humane society and she is now 8 months old. She is very pretty and incredibly energetic. I don’t know where she gets that level of energy. Unfortunately,  she is very stubborn and doesn’t like being disciplined.  She also loves to nip and gnaw on your hand if you play with her. Its hard to train a dog and I will need to step it up because of my niece, Claire, and a new niece/nephew on the way!!!

My cats name is Kiki, and she is only 6-8 weeks old from what the vet say her teeth say. She had ringworm when we first got her. She was a stray at my dad’s work. Thankfully she doesn’t have ringworm any more and let me tell you that that is nasty stuff.

So now it’s September 2nd and I’ve started my second semester of college on the 18th. Let me tell you that I am still way nervous for this semester. I’m taking French 1, General Psychology, a required health course, and a required english course. Oh and by the way,  I changed my major to psychology and hopefully I’ll change my minor soon.

So, I’m supposed to do this behavior changing work for my health class and you can basically change anything that you want to about yourself. Here’s the thing though, I’ve started that for myself the 18th. I’ve decided I needed to change to better myself, my grades for college, and how I might behave in the future. Truthfully, it’s a hard start. Trying to change almost every aspect of yourself will take a long and rough time. Do I need to do this? Yes. Do I want to do this? Yes. But am I really, truly ready to change? I don’t know, but I guess I’m going to try anyway.


Bonne jornée!!!

Chaotic Fawn


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