Reviewing My Life

So, hopefully, all of you will not be too disappointed in me. This semester has been long and tiring, and my depression came back even harder than last year.

I attribute my stronger depression to this thanksgiving and this coming Christmas to be the first without my Grammy.

I can’t really use that as an excuse to my horrible grades this semester….

I’ve lost my financial aid because of my horrible grades. I’m taking another semester off to find a job and do some online courses during the spring and summer. Hopefully, I’ll get back to full-time student going to classes in the fall. Maybe even while still working. It’ll be hard but I think having something besides school to do will help me keep busy.

I think I still want to be a psychology major, though I will have to redo my general psychology course along with my English comp. and research class. The only classes I passed were my general health class along with French. Maybe because I enjoyed French far more than any other class, I got an A in French.

 I’ll worry about classes after I get hired someplace. Hopefully I get hired soon and I can start working off my debt to college and save up for online classes. I also have to worry about my car’s (still technically my brother’s, but he’s in Guam, he doesn’t need it right now) insurance and maintenance. Thankfully, he’s paying the insurance now but I’m hoping to half it with him since I am going to be the primary driver.

I’m also thinking about another hobby to start. I’ve started crocheting, but I’m actually thinking about fitness related hobby. Any ideas? Especially for someone who has noodle arms and legs?

Until next post,

Chaotic Fawn

Edited: March 25th, 2016


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