Let Me Reintroduce Myself

Hello lovelies!

I’ve started the Daily Post Blogging 101 course so I wanted to reintroduce myself to you and hopefully new readers!!

My name is Chaotic Fawn. I’m nineteen years old. I live in between the line of town and country; meaning I don’t live totally in the country but I don’t live too close to town either. I enjoy writing and sharing my story of life. I gave myself the name Chaotic Fawn because it’s weirdly connected to my real name and because it’s really nice persona for me to feel comfortable blogging with.

Here’s the first assignment of blogging 101:

Why am I blogging publicly, instead of having a private journal?

Truthfully, I want to be heard by someone. Sometimes having a private journal doesn’t have the same satisfaction as, in a sense, shouting it toward the sky and letting everyone hear you. I want to howl my story to myself, to others, and to the world. But mostly because I really just want to share this blog with myself over the course of my changes.

What topics am I going to write about?

Well, first off my daily struggles with depression and anxiety, my life, friendships and relationships, (hopefully) travel, and more often then not everything and anything that I want to talk about. There’s so much on my mind that I want to get out and see other’s opinion of.

Who would I love to connect to via my blog?

Everyone. I want to connect with the person who struggles with depression and/or anxiety, I want to connect with the successful traveler, I want to connect with the working mothers and the stay at home moms and the moms who stay at home and work, I want to connect to anyone who wants their story heard and to hear other stories. I want to connect so I can learn. I want people to know that they aren’t alone in struggles with anything and many people want  to and can help.

If I blog successfully throughout the next year, what would I hope to have accomplished?

I want to have accomplished personal growth. I want to learn about other people’s personal growth. I want to see the difference in my writing style and in how my thinking has changed.

I’m really stoked for this opportunity to be with Daily Post Blogging 101!! I look forward to any other assignment!

Here is my about page: https://daydreamsandjargon.wordpress.com/about/

And here is my first introduction: https://daydreamsandjargon.wordpress.com/2013/08/11/hello-world/

Until next post!!

Chaotic Fawn


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