I apologize, Family Update and Follower Feedback

Hello my dear followers,

I have to deeply apologize for not updating every week or even getting on my blog for a month now?

I’ll explain… I lost my drive to write on this blog after a good friend of mine found my blog….. I can’t really blame her, it’s not too hard to figure out this is my blog. But I still felt like I was stripped of my freedom of having this blog when she used a certain sentence from one of my posts to use in an argument. It may be stupid but I have felt stripped of my anonymity and had lost all motivation to write on this blog in fear of writing anything in my blog that could make her mad at me. But…. I have decided that this is MY blog and I can put my thoughts and feelings on here freely even if my friends might get mad at me. I have never once used their real names or gave information of where we live or anything else.

This is really brave of me actually, getting back on here. My friend and I have been on good terms; great terms actually these past few weeks and even today when Sue, Jenny, and I went out for a run and food and we were having fun and connecting like we usually do so I think the hurt feelings and everything like that is over with. That makes me happy and relieved. I like having my best friends back to normal and without the drama. I don’t want to shine her in a bad light. My friend really is a kind, wonderful individual and we all make mistakes. Though that makes it sound like it’s all her fault, which it isn’t.  We are both at fault.

This is exciting and terrifying at the same time. She’s in pain but that is expected as she is in labor and having contractions. This isnt her first child but this is my godchild which is really exciting.

Alright, my dearests, I will post some other posts that is not actual updates like this. I would like some feedback of what you would like to see on my blog and if my earlier writing style was better liked or if my writing now is better.  Please give me feedback! I love my followers but I would like to interact more with all of you!!!

Chaotic Fawn


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