DIY: Cookie Sheet Chalkboard

Sooo, I did a thing, guys! I actually did a DIY!!! How crazy is that?!

Here’s a little something about me: I don’t do DIY stuff at all. Sure, I pin a crap ton on Pinterest but I don’t actually do them.

I didn’t come up with this idea; my mom did. My mom hates getting rid of things. And she got the idea when we were talking about chalkboard pain to paint the old cookie sheets that she has had FOREVER. So I humored her and painted the cookie sheets. I got the brilliant idea to share it with you all!!

Warning: This is my first time painting in general and I don’t know how well this will end up!

Things you need:

  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Lots of newspaper
  • Old Cookie Sheets

I even got some baby wipes to wipe off paint that got on my hands or legs.

(Edit) Also a couple of tips:

  • If your going to use this as a kitchen command center or craft room decor, painting the whole thing would look cute. My mom wants to get acrylic paint or some such to add color to the edges.
  • I would use either a drill or a screwdriver and a hammer to make holes on the sheets where ever you want it to be hung at. Cookie sheets are thin enough that you probably wouldn’t need a drill.
  • From what I have been researching the best chalkboard paint for this type of project would be a spray chalkboard paint.
  • You can add like old Altoids tin cans and paint them and glue them on there to keep chalk in or whatever you need.
  • Cookie Sheets are metal so they are MAGNETIC!! Woooo, you can do TONS of stuff with it!
  • You can add ribbon to the existing holes (if there are any) and hang them that way.

Here’s the paint I used:


Step One:

Gather your supplies. Spread the newspaper and set the supplies on top of the newspaper. I used Valspar Chalkboard Paint, which is used for metal and wood especially. Which is good because the cookie sheets are metal.


Step Two:

Open up your paint can. I used a flat bed screw driver. Chalkboard Paint is quite thick, but I stirred it a little bit anyway. Onto painting the cookie sheets!! Nice even strokes. I didn’t use the best paintbrush; I just used one of the paintbrushes that is available at Hobby Lobby as a ‘hobby’ brush. It worked well for the job.




You can paint either side of the cookie sheet. I did these two on the bottom. I didn’t prep any of the cookie sheets, even though I probably should have. I wouldn’t know how to prep anyway, probably sand it down a little or something. (Gives you a helpless look)


I painted this one on the inside. I even painted the inside sides. I also did the sides on one of the ones that I painted the bottom with the Chalkboard paint. The paint can says to wait for 24 hours before you put another coat on or to retouch it in places.

So this was my first DIY! Yay! I’m thinking about making this a thing on the blog. Just every once in a while or if someone wants me to try something so they can see how it works. This was actually really fun!

I’ll update this in 24 hours so everyone can see the final result and what I think of it!

À tout à l’heure

Chaotic Fawn

Edit: So! I checked on these trays yesterday and they needed some touch ups, so I painted over them again and decided to wait. These are the results of the Cookie Sheet Chakboard with two coats:

IMG_6397[1]  IMG_6396[1]  IMG_6395[1]

I’m very proud of myself. I think they came out great! Hopefully they will look good with chalk on them!!!

I will update this post again seeing as I haven’t put them up on the kitchen wall yet, nor have I decorated them yet. I’ll probably do a Part Two post.


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