Revamping the Blog

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been going through my blog here and I’m feeling like I need to change it. Probably re-edit a lot of posts and delete some.

Looking over my old blog posts, I can really tell that I’ve changed in my way of writing/deal with things and I would really enjoy if my blog reflected that.

I’ll be privately keeping all of these posts but I feel like my blog is too cluttered with the wish-washy drama of my past self. Clean up the blog = starting to clean up my life.

I’ve greatly appreciated d the support and no hate comments on my typical average teenage drama posts. That is truly a blessing, especially on the internet which can hold a lot of trolls and hate.

I won’t be editing the blog during the day but possibly the evening.

Also I have decided to change my name that I’ve signed on the bottom of all the posts.

Thank you so much for the support and hopefully my blog will become better after this new revamping.

Until next time!

Chaotic Fawn


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