Revamping the Blog: Part Two

So, I’ve gone through editing my posts and I had deleted 5 posts. I had mostly checked for and corrected spelling and grammar mistakes. But on some of the posts I had added in some of my thoughts about the post itself.

I might actually go through the posts again next week to see if I can delete some more posts. This weekend (as in today and tomorrow) I might change the layout of the blog and color scheme and some other technical things, even though I’m not that talented in it.

Even though I hadn’t been doing much these past 2 years, other than taking advantage of my parents support to try and help my depression and heal, I’ve seen a tremendous growth for the old me that had started the blog. It’s nice to actually have solid proof of how I have grown as a person, even when I don’t feel or see that I have.

These are the posts that I’ve added in my thoughts onto:

More Drama

Mid-Semester; And Home is Comfort

I know it’s only two, but it’s still an edit, haha.

~~Chaotic Fawn


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