Learn About Me

Who am I?

A new blogger, full of hopes and dreams for her blog. A new girl out in the world who needs a place to keep her thoughts and to keep her sanity through her character developing future.

I like horseback riding, my dog, my bed and my stuffed animals. I hope to travel around the world one day. I want to learn languages and cultures. As of right now, my house, my life and my mind are a mess but I’m hoping to heal during this year and clean up everything.
I’m currently a student but, as this semester has played out against my favor, I will be heading into the work force to earn money to go back to college.

What’s my name?

I’ll go by Emmii Pebbles on this website. It always me some anonymity that I feel like I need right now.

What’s my goal?

I don’t really know at this point but I hope to reach people with my experiences and my thoughts. I hope to make a difference even though it doesn’t seem like my blog will ever do that. I hope to see a difference in myself with each post and to see how I have changed through the months and even years that I might have this blog. I want to share what I believe in and what I wish to change even if it means I lose people.

What my blog will be about?

It’ll be about my life, my thoughts, and my experiences throughout my  life and hopefully what kind of differences I hope to make in my life and others peoples lives. I want to share my “one-step-at-a-time” kind of life. Also I hope to share my experiences travelling (have your fingers crossed for me, huh?).


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